Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fresh Lemon & Rosemary Tilapia (Meat-Free for Lenten Fridays)

This recipe started off as an experiment in making lemon pepper tilapia after discovering that *gasp* I had no lemon pepper seasoning mix in the house.  So I started playing around and came up with something even better!

Aside from being meat-free and super simple, there's no salt at all in this recipe, so it's even healthier for you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Honey & Yogurt Blueberry Muffins

As we hunkered down last night during the worst of Winter Storm Nemo (the storm dropped about 6 inches on us, which honestly isn't that big of a deal considering that we got almost three times that during Monday's lake effect storm), I decided I should start our Saturday with muffins.

I read somewhere that muffins are just an excuse to have cupcakes for breakfast.  But these are pretty healthy.

The original recipe from The Cookie and Biscuit Bible didn't call for the blueberries, but I have a couple quarts still frozen from this summer and decided they'd be a welcome addition.  I also upped the amount of nutmeg in the recipe and used all lemon juice instead of juice and zest.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes (Cupcake of the Month #13)

Cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies are both wonderful things.  They become truly excellent when combined.

Yes, that's a little itty bitty cookie on top of that frosting.  And there's a surprise inside, too.

This was a truly multi-step cupcake, as you have to not only make the cake batter, but also the cookie dough and the vanilla frosting.  And I have to tell you something up front about the cookies: the recipe lies.  10 minutes is way too long to bake the little 1 and 1/2 inch cookies.  Mine were close to burned and nearly inedible.  I'd say 5-6 minutes is more on the mark.