A Few of My Favorite Things....

Here I'll share some sites and blogs, both cooking related and otherwise, that I tend to frequent often.  You'll find food and cooking related links at the top of this page, and towards the bottom I'll share sites and blogs I enjoy just for fun.

Cooking & Baking Blogs and Websites

  • Bakerella - One of my favorite baking blogs.  Everything sweet.  And she's so creative!
  • i am baker - This woman makes so many awesome cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats.
  • Adriana's Italian Gourmet Cookies - This excellent site (which is actually Adriana's bakery's site) hosts a variety of traditional Italian and Sicilian recipes.  I'm dying to try the Torta Caprese  (Chocolate Almond Torte).
  • Just A Pinch - A sharing community for all sorts of delicious recipes.
  • - Another comprehensive site chock full of member-submitted recipes.  The Italian Fresh Purple Grape Cake is to die for!
  • Food Network - My original go-to site for recipes and techniques.
  • Bake or Break - So many delicious baking recipes, so little time!
  • Bon AppĂ©tempt - Food, photography, food photography.....  What's not to like!
  • Add a Pinch - More amazing recipes for just about every food category out there.
  • A Bear in the Kitchen - Main dishes, soups, desserts, and everything in between!

Gadgets & Gear

  • Amazon - The place to shop for, well, anything and everything!
  • Wilton - Aside from some great tutorials on creating cakes, cookies, and candy, this is also a great sight to see what sorts of equipment are available for all your baking needs.
  • Williams-Sonoma - I love this store, but can't afford to buy much there, sadly!
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond - BB&B has tons of great kitchen equipment - almost my entire wedding registry was found here!
  • The Pampered Chef - Absolutely amazing cookware and kitchen gadgets and gear! I'd buy the whole catalog if I could afford it.

Just for Fun

  • Katie Jacobs - This girl is amazing.  Sewing and historical costuming is to Katie Jacobs what cooking and baking is to me.
  • Pandora Radio - Even with a free account, you can get hours and hours of streaming audio.  I love blasting the Film Scores station when I'm cooking.... or cleaning..... or writing....
  • Ravelry - A great site with patterns for knitting and crochet projects
  • Wikipedia - I love Wikipedia.  I love it about as much as I love Google, maybe more.