Food Philosophy

Food is Love...

What do I mean, food is love?  

Well, food brings people together. It's something you can share and enjoy.  When you take the time to cook a meal for your friends and family, or together with your friends and family, it's a chance to come together, to grow closer.

Food is not a substitute for love.  Food is not "the way to someone's heart."  But food, the sharing of good food and the good times that can go along with it, will foster love.

Maybe it's you and a parent, or you and your child.  Maybe it's an extended family that's grown apart.  Maybe it's your relationship with your spouse or partner.  Or perhaps it's just friends who've moved away from each other and are seeking an avenue to reconnect when everyone's back in their hometown for the holidays.

Food can be a way to connect and also demonstrate love for those around you, the people most important in your life.  When you take the time to prepare a beautiful confection or an amazing meal (gourmet or not), you're telling your friends and family that you care about them.  And when you share the preparation, you share fun, laughter, and love.

Coming together to share a meal or even just a special treat is a way to learn to listen to, to communicate with, and to celebrate each other.

It doesn't matter if it's making pizza from scratch or a seven-course gourmet meal.  The outcome can be the same if it's done with love.

Take it from me.  Food is love.